Vancouver Road Closures - 2010 Winter Olympics

January 27th, 2010

For all of us living in Vancouver we know how hard it can be to get around on a normal day, The next month is going to present us with even more challenges getting around our amazing city. 

Below is the official road closure list from VANOC

Stay tuned for more information on the Vancouver 2010 Games!

Venue Areas Olympic 
Winter Games
Paralympic Winter Games
Vancouver Olympic and ...

It could be Supersnow vs. El Niño

September 1st, 2009


Here in Vancouver, it's often remarked, the snow usually has the good sense to stay on the mountains where it belongs.

We had better hope that stays the case in 2010 during the Winter Olympics. But we may have a tiny little problem brewing thousands of kilometres away in the Pacific Ocean.

Our national meteorological service, Environment Canada, is warning that El Niño, the occasional wa ...